Can You Monetize Complaints?


This week after dropping off my 15 yr old son at 5:30am hockey practice, I waited for the WCBS 880 business report with the highly-respected business journalist, and my friend, Joe Connolly (@JoeConnollybiz).  One report I heard was that The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is proposing a rule requiring automakers put labels on sun visors of all new vehicles with instructions on how to file safety complaints.

The labels would be glued to passenger visors and tell people that complaints could bring an investigation or a possible recall.

The wheels starting SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL in my mind as I started to think – “What’s the reporting/call-to-action going to be? toll-free #? online? QR code?

“ HAS TO BE registered” I think as I race into the gym parking at 60 mph at 5:35am to park so I can see if or are registered…

SafetyComplaints available

Safety Complaints org


BINGO! – both domain names are (as of this post) available for hand registration. So I began to think…”How do you monetize this opportunity?” The answer of course is not to setup a site for safety complaints to be submitted and try to make money on banner ads. Not sure about affiliate opportunities either; however, I do see a strong opportunity for lead generation and email acquisition…

By submitting Safety Complaints, users will fill out demographical information and if you have them properly ‘opt-in’ you can build quite a marketing & sales channel!

It should also be noted that most people are purely lazy and do not know where to go to file their safety complaints and don’t want to spend the time to research so and can be ‘the platform’ (and brand) that connects all safety-related complaints from auto safety complaints and baby products safety complaints to workplace safety complaints and more!

These domain names are also FANTASTIC and highly-brandable domain name for a law firm specializing in safety accidents and personal injury.

complaint button

When I see domain name opportunities like this I without question ‘Put the Cart Before the Horse,’ which is what I will be speaking about at NamesCon next month, I hope to see you there!

If you happen to register any of these domain names please keep me updated as I always like to see what happens with the domains I discover.

If you are interested in learning about available domains I discover BEFORE the public, than please consider signing-up for my Domain Alerts here

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