Are Cyber Land Grabs Over?


It seems as though our world of ‘domaining’ is receiving more and more main stream attention as Forbes this week covered how in 1988 the US Trademark Office put a law into effect to say that applications filed for marks not yet used must at least show that applicants for federal trademark protection had a bona fide intent to use the mark that they file.

As trademark law was interpreted by the courts, it became clear that there was going to be nothing wrong with registering a domain name, bona fide intent be damned. This laid the foundation for individuals and companies to be able to hunt down and lock up every imaginable name and phrase, a sort of cyber land-grab.

Most probably believe that you can no longer ‘hand-register’ an extraordinary valuable domain name but think again as new trends/creations from bitcoin to drones create cyber land-grabs on a monthly, if not weekly basis!

Read the entire Forbes article here


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