East Coast vs West Coast Domainers


As a New Yorker I often wonder if West Coast Domainers feel ‘disadvantaged’ by the three hour time difference?

Benefits to East Cost Domainers include: receiving domain drop lists early in the morning when most of the West Coast is still enjoying their final hours of sleep; making offers on domain names that come out in early morning (eastern time) Domain Name Newsletters and of course catching the early morning domaining news at Domaining.com.

Of course West Coast Domainers can set their alarm clocks (or simply wake-up and start their day) at 3:30am – 5am in order to have the same visibility to the above as East Coast Domainers do…but do they?

Here’s a great Infographic on How to Become More of a Morning Person


Click Here to see the entire InfoGraphic on How to Become More of a Morning Person


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