Don’t You Wish Your First Baby Came With a Kit? Well Now It Can!


As the proud father of three fantastic boys I can tell you firsthand that raising kids is one of the toughest jobs I have ever had! I tell my wife all time that she must not be human because she can continuously meet the demands of car pooling, hockey practice, band rehearsal, hair cuts, allergy shots, etc., etc.

As the old adage goes, “kids don’t come with instructions” but wouldn’t it be easier if they did come with some sort of starter kit??

With that said, I started to brainstorm several ideas for such a venture today when I saw that had expired and became available for hand-registration (less than $10)

Originally registered in 2013,  the domain was never developed and recently let go….

Whether you’re thinking about a Baby First Aid Kit, a Cleaning/Bath kit or a Feeding Kit complete with airplane spoon and bib there are some pretty decent business models for this $10 domain name and the multi-billion dollar baby market.

If you happen to grab this domain name please keep me posted as to what your plans are with it and then what actually happens….

To your domaining success,


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