As Gluten Allergies Increase Grab


These days, it seems like we all know at least person who has a gluten allergy and requires gluten free foods…

According to Statista, Gluten Free food sales in the U.S. alone will surpass $23 billion dollars by 2020!

This morning I was surprised to see that ‘dropped’ and is available (as of this post) for hand registration!

I think this can be an AMAZING name and business as many people will want to “test” their food to see if there is really no gluten in it and what better way to test for gluten than to use Gluten Kit ( – it’s short, easy-to-remember and brandable!

If you happen to register please keep me updated as I always like to see what happens with the expired domains I find.

If you are interested in learning about available expired domains I discover BEFORE the public, than please consider signing-up for my Domain Alerts

To your domaining success,

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