Looking Good on TV


While I do NOT watch sports on Sundays (or almost any day for that matter), I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when friends we were with were watching Football on TV and an ad for appeared….

GolfKnickers tv ad

GolfKnickers tv ad 2

Registered in 1999, was originally procured by Media Relations Agency ( than and today) and the domain name seems to have been transferred to Joseph Parisi who is the current owner and Founder & CEO of It appears that Parisi launched GolfKnickers in 2001 according to LinkedIn and The Albany Business Review.

I also learned from the interview below that Parisi comes from a family of tailors and saw an opportunity in early 2000 to offer golf knickers via the Internet.

And it looks like Parisi didn’t stop with just registering…according to Domain Tools, Parisi has done a great job registering as much intellectual property as he can as it relates to golf knickers.

Golf Knicker domains

Congrats to Joe Parisi…we wish him continued success!

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