Making LOTS of Dough with a $10 Domain


As an entrepreneur, domainer and angel investor I have “visions” of businesses where consumer demand is met by a killer domain name. And having grown up on Long Island, New York and working at Bagel Boss from 10th grade thru law school I also know there is NOTHING like a new york bagel (YES, it’s the water!)

Attending law school in Michigan with its below-zero temperatures and lack of ‘good bagels’ often left me wondering….‘There is a Fruit of the Month Club, Beer of the Month Club, Coffee of the Month Club, etc. but how come there is no Bagel of the Month Club?’ And like that – BAM! it hit me as I registered and both domains costs $10 each.

Bagel Shipping Day

Having now shipped tens of thousands of dozens of FRESH Authentic New York Bagels across the United States from New York to Florida and across to California I can tell you firsthand that we ARE fulfilling a need and making MANY people smile!

We were also featured on Good Day Sacramento – watch below

So just because you don’t live in New York doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Authentic New York bagelsĀ  – visit us at

To your domaining success,

New York Bagels from Bagel Of The Month Club and Everything Seeds


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