Matzah Balls Floating in Opportunity


I recently saw some interesting domain names become available this week:, and (and yes the plurals are available too).

Popular as a Jewish soup dumpling, Matzah Balls are put into a pot of salted boiling water or chicken soup and made into the ever popular Matzah Ball soup served in delis, diners and dinner tables across the world! It’s also sometimes referred to as Jewish penicillin.

Questioning the popularity of Matzah Balls? Have you seen the world’s largest matzah ball weighing in at 267 pounds! And did you know that Eric Booker holds the record for eating 21 baseball-sized matzah balls in 5 minutes , 25 seconds!! Clearly consumers are into their matzah balls not to mention the soups popularity during Jewish Holidays such as Passover and Rosh Hashanah,

So here’s the vision for these domains; prepare and sell a matzah ball kit so everyone and anyone can make authentic matzah balls at home with the Matzah Ball Kit from The kit would include all the dry ingredients needed to make matzah balls and perhaps a bouillon cube to make the broth!

You can get extremely creative with the packaging, ad copy and make this a fun gift, Get Well thought or a gourmet product as well.

If anyone procure these domain names and pursues the idea, please keep me updated on your progress; perhaps I’ll invest (GRIN)!



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