.ng Registrations Only Reach 24% Of Its 250,000 Target


The President of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) said NIRA had in 2013, set a target to register up to 250,000 .ng domain names, but was unable to meet the target at the end of 2013. This compelled NIRA to set the same 250,000 target in 2014.

Despite the shift, the target is yet to be met. NIRA’s President Mary Uduma said NIRA had been able to register only about 60,000 .ng domain names, which is just 24% of the 250,000 targeted domain name registrations.

Blaming the slow registration exercise on three factors, Uduma said NIRA would likely reduce the target to 100,000 in 2015, and come up with new strategies to accomplish it.

The 3 factors are:
1. Lack of access to the Internet
2. Fear of insecurity in trading with the .ng domain name
3. Refusal by most Nigerians in patronizing Nigerian products


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