Peter – such a Popular Domain?


As I’m sure most domainers receive their fair share of emails with domain names that just dropped, I noticed an extraordinary amount of domain names that expired on New Years Day 1/1/15.

Typically, one of my dropping/expiring email alerts will contain 5 – 20 domain names based on certain keywords I am targeting. However, on 1/1/15 I noticed that these same emails had 100 – 300+ domain names listed in them…WOW!!

My take away is A LOT of entrepreneurs went domain name investing/shopping last New Years Day in 2014 and now are letting LOTS of these ‘gems’ expire…

Of particular interest was the fact that I saw easily 100+ domain names expire that had the name Peter in it which I found to be particularly odd (don’t YOU?).

Did one domain investor think it would be a fantastic idea to register as many domain names as they could with the word Peter in it? What was/is their game-plan?

Happy, HEALTHY & Success New Year to All!!

To YOUR domaining success,



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