Politician Admits Owning 100+ Domain Names of Other Politicians


It was reported yesterday that Republican House member, Dunbarton Rep. JR Hoell owns more than 100 domain names – representing politicians from both parties.

Hoell has been purchasing the domain names for anywhere from $.99 to $12.99. While he declined to name all the sites he owns, a quick search shows they range from several iterations of state Sen. Jeb Bradley (congressmanjebbradley.com, bradleyforsenate.com, senatorjebbradley.com) and former senator Scott Brown ( senatorscottbrown.org), to sites bearing the names of his former opponents, including Rep. Mary Beth Walz, a Bow Democrat (marybethwalz.com and .org).

“I honestly see it as an investment, financially or politically. Everyone wants to have their own domain name when they run for higher office,” said Hoell, who bought his own name’s website over a decade ago.

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New Hampshire State Representative JR Hoell grew up in New Jersey and attended Stevens Institute of Technology, a private engineering school in Hoboken, NJ. He has also been instrumental in the development of a new products including many that have been issued patents…see full list of patents here

Today, JR is the lead Mechanical Systems Engineer for Astronics-AeroSat, a Satellite communications firm based in Amherst, New Hampshire.


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