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Every hour it seems I am glimpsing at expiring domain names that have not been renewed and are now available for hand registration (which means you can purchase for as little as $9.99)

What am I looking for? “Needles In the Haystack” as they say…..and I today I believe I found one when I saw PopcornGuide.com

For less than $10, you can own PopcornGuide.com and become “The Authority” on Popcorn; let me explain:

Here are some ideas:

  • Review ALL the various types/flavors of popcorn & popcorn machine and become a destination point for popcorn lovers. You can then sell products on your own or via affiliate links.
  • Write an eBook on Popcorn and offer it for FREE to acquire names, email addresses, leads, etc. This can become a valuable list if marketed properly
  • Monthly Subscription Popcorn Club from PopcornGuide.com – The Authority on Popcorn!
  • Review and Sell Popcorn Machines (over 48,000 searches a month for popcorn machine)
  • Popcorn Gifts is a BIG market…PopcornGuide.com has it all from sweet to spicy and with bacon too!
  • Popcorn maker was featured on CNBC show The Prophet and they made CRAZY profit margins!!

Ok, so there’s three minutes of insight into how I think about domain names…..I know #IKneedHelp!

So here is my guess, within two hours of this post, if not sooner, some lucky entrepreneur is going to grabPopcornGuide.com for $9.99 at DomainWealth

If you do, PLEASE keep me posted on your progress and let me know what you’re doing with the domain…

UPDATE – it only took 19 minutes and PopcornGuide.com was registered…congratulations Brock!

To your domaining success!


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