Snapchat Accused of Trademark Infringement After Changing its Name


Social media app Snapchat has been accused of trademark infringement after changing its name to ‘Snap’.

The complaint was filed in the US District Court for the Southern District of New York on 25 October by social media technology company Snap Interactive following Snap Inc’s rebranding from its widely known Snapchat brand.

Snap lawsuit

According to Snap Interactive, the rebranding is an attempt to move the company away from its single product, Snapchat, and develop new ventures, as it needs a name that “goes beyond just one product”.

Snap Interactive said in its complaint that it has used the ‘Snap’ name since early as 2008 and that the rebranded Snapchat’s use of “virtually the same company name that Snap Interactive uses in connection with its social networking services and businesses will inevitably deceive consumers, including investors and potential investors, into falsely believe that Snap Interactive and Snap Inc are associated in some manner”.

Should be very interesting to see how this case is decided….



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