Startup Diets Exist and YOU Can Now Hand Register


I noticed late last night that the descriptive domain name expired and is now available for hand registration (i.e. Under $10 registration)

Most know that I am a startup junkie and thus why in 2013 I launched LaunchPad, which are business incubators, accelerators and coworking communities with 5 locations in less than three years.

Once I saw was available I quickly did some searches for ‘startup diets’ and sure enough there are 395,000 search results in Google with titles such as:

  • The Startup Diet: How I Lost 35 pounds While Working Overtime
  • The Startup Diet (Lost 15 ls while at an Incubator)

The singular version is registered but not developed…if anyone does register please keep me posted on what you do with the domain name as I am always curious about the future outcomes of “available domain names” I find.

I thought I might see more articles about startups and founders eating Ramen noodles to save cash but didn’t….LOL

UPDATE – this domain was registered within minutes of this post being published!

To your domaining success,

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