Cybersquatters Swing at


With the media focused on Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, his comments about Mexico and now these infamous Trump Pinatas…it was only a matter of minutes before cybersquatters would start registering domain names such as:

  • – registered 6/28/15 to Gonzalo Chaves
  • – registered 6/29/15 to Juan Ramirez
  • – registered 6/29/15 to Private Registration
  • – registered 6/29/15 to Private Registration

It is being reported that The Donald’s comments prompted piñata maker Dalton Remirez to design an extremely bashable piñata being Trump’s visage. The candy-filled sculpture retails for about $40 and has been ‘flying off the shelves.”

Nothing disgusts me more than when people try to monetize a bad situation by wrongfully registering related-domain names. And in addition to being a domain investor, I am also an attorney so cybersquatters beware!!


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