Two Things ARE Certain In Life


There is an old adage that goes “Only two things in life are certain: death and taxes.”

And that’s exactly what I was thinking weeks after I sold my company in 2008 as I was sitting in a Live Domain Auction enjoying some fine tequila as I previewed the list of domain names to be sold at auction.

As I scanned the list of premium domain names to be auctioned off caught my eye and the old adage about “Death and Taxes” came to mind as I further analyzed this one-word category defining domain name. Not many people plan their funerals and when someone unfortunately passes on, which is inevitable, lots of “info” about funerals is immediately needed which is why I particularly like the domain as a .info TLD

Whether you need a casket, cemetery, crematory, rabbi/priest, floral arrangements, funeral homes, etc. there are LOTS of opportunity with a brand like and it certainly does not hurt that the U.S. funeral market alone is estimated to be worth $20 billion annually, with 2.4 million funerals taking place each year.

Fast forward seven years and while I have turned down a half a dozen offers to purchase the domain, I recently listed it on and I was able to sell the domain for more than double what I paid for it at the domain auction. And while this may amaze some readers, the entire process/transaction from initial contact to negotiation to funding and transferring the domain ALL took place over email; I don’t even know who the buyer is (yet)…what a country!!

This should encourage domain investors because even though I did not “hand register” the domain but instead bought it in the aftermarket, I was still able to successfully sell the domain name for more than double what I paid for it and truth be told, I probably could of gotten thousands of dollars more…

To your domaining success,


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