Vegas Golden Knights Named and the Domain Rush Begins…


After weeks of speculation, owner Bill Foley revealed to hundreds of fans outside T-Mobile Arena last night that their team has a name and a logo, bringing the idea of a team in Las Vegas much closer to reality.

“We now have an identity,” Foley told in his office a few hours before he unveiled the team’s name and logo, which features a medieval-themed helmet.

“We are now the Golden Knights,” he said. “My whole idea was to create a logo and a name that was powerful, that would epitomize the warrior class. The knights are the epitome of the warrior class, the top of the line in terms of defending the realm, defending the unprotected. This is all part of the culture we want to create with the hockey team. And hockey players are warriors and they’re team players, they’re not individuals, they’re playing together.”

Vegas Knights twitter

The team does not own (it’s a parked page registered in August 2000) but instead resides on the’s domain at

In the next few days while most eat Turkey and shop for Holiday Gifts, it will be interesting to see which Vegas Golden Knights-related domain names are registered. I started to check today and see that domains like are registered (as of a couple of months ago; coincidence?) I also see that this morning, November 23rd,  someone already registered, and so the domain name rush IS ON!

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